Covid and PSSD

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Covid and PSSD

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What are your experiences with Covid infection and Pssd?
Has it changed your PSSD in any way in the long term?

Since we are already struggling with pssd, I ask myself whether we might then also be more susceptible to Long Covid and Post Covid.
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Re: Covid and PSSD

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There was an article published about a similar topic recently.

Do SSRIs lower the risk of long COVID?

By Dr. Chinta Sidharthan ... COVID.aspx
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Re: Covid and PSSD

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I hadn't had a flu for many years after pssd, but this summer I had covid19, two days of high fever (I took paracetamol), sore eyes, coughs and colds, but the most worrying symptoms came when I was negative, i.e. total loss of taste and sense of smell, which lasted for about ten days before I started to recover (fully), but I was worried since for some people they remain permanent after a year or so. no change on pssd.
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