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Do not pay attention to any post over the past year. Stuff written by Ghost or I is an exception of course. There is a snarled mess of bullshit I'll probably never be able cleanse. Let's put the cutoff about March 2015 or so just to be safe. Partly it's due to negligence on my part, because of my ridiculously hectic life. I'm sorry about that. A little of the negligence is because of the stalker situation. Every time I come back here I'm depressed to see the horrid parody my work has been turned into. I built a great thing and it got destroyed by one loonie sack of shit who won't leave me alone.

Again, for your own safety, DO NOT do anything (except from Ghost or I) advised on any post after last March. NOTHING. I don't want anyone risking their health, wasting their money, wasting their time, etc. I do not want that on my conscience. I was doing this to HELP people. I would be absolutely CRUSHED if this forum with my name on it harmed ANYONE. Please be careful. Stick with the old information. Use the stuff that I posted here, or the stuff I posted on the old forum that was reposted here by Moloch or one of the other people who saved much of my work for me.

Some day I will compile my work on a static website. I don't know when that will happen, but some day I'll get it done.

Right now I'm mitigating my symptoms in the same way as I previously detailed. My last posts ARE CURRENT. It works great when I'm not stressed out. Unfortunately I'm stressed out a lot. The upside to that, is that I know stress can have a major impact. So that's one bit of knowledge I can add. Do things to remove stress, or manage stress. The more you can do that, the less severe your symptoms will be.

Sorry about the lack of ability to make new accounts and the crap information that is out there. I'll try to fix it eventually.

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