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Forum Rules

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A brief history of the forum can be found at: ... on-theory/

PSSD Forum Rules
Updated March 2020

Breaking the rules will result in post deletion and possible ban (of varying duration depending on the severity of the offense and previous offenses).

First Offense: Post Deletion
Second Offense: Week-Long Ban
Third Offense: Month-Long/Permanent Ban

1) The existence of Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction (PSSD), or other Post-SSRI Syndrome (PSS) symptoms, is not to be denied. This doesn't mean that scientific discussions about PSSD, and how Anxiety/Depression play into it, are not okay. It simply means that claiming that...

a) you are 100% certain that a person doesn't have PSSD when they claim that they do
b) PSSD/PSS isn't possible/ has no scientific basis/ is due only to mental illness
c) all PSSD or PSS symptoms can be CAUSED by mental illness, without citing proper medical literature to back up claims not allowed on this forum.

2) Personal attacks or defamation will not be tolerated. We are all in this together. Don't be an asshole. This forum is built on love...not hate.

3) Selling or advertising products either on the forum or in the PM system is forbidden. This includes affiliate links to products.

4) Personal attacks on members of the medical community. The medical community is our ally, and not our enemy. No doctor intentionally gives a patient PSSD. Without context of patient history, it is impossible to determine what led a doctor to prescribing SSRIs. Attacks at doctors or their behavior is not allowed to become personal or violent in nature.

5) Claims of deep-rooted PSSD/Mental Health conspiracy. Nothing makes us seem less credible than acting like PSSD was constructed intentionally by the medical community or big pharma. It's okay to talk about how the pharmaceutical industry has many flaws, but theories on sweeping plans of mass sterilization are not productive for our cause.

6) SSRIs are not to be referred to as "Poisons", or compared to "castration". SSRIs have their flaws, but they are not poison, and they are not meant to castrate innocent citizens. Doctors don't "know this but still prescribe them". Talk like this is negative, incorrect, and smears our image within the medical community.

7) Dangerous posts will be deleted: Be open about your struggles, but plans for suicide and/or self harm are not allowed. No one here is qualified to help you to the level that you need. Seek a professional. Posting these types of things will also tank the overall mood of the forum, and will not be tolerated. Reach out to me if you need help finding a mental health provider.

8) Excessive posts on the restrictions of PSSD. Basically, keep a positive outlook. Facts about functioning are different than comparing yourself to a castrated eunuch. It's not that sad or depressing messages are not allowed on this forum, - PSSD is very hard - but an attitude of hope and resilience will go a long way in increasing joy, promoting the productivity of the forum, and getting you back to living life. The member "Shadow" once put this beautifully:

"This forum is not a graveyard. It's a shelter for those who need to find their way."

9) Unfounded Claims Surrounding the Condition. As noted in rules 4-6, this forum is designed to be browsed by the medical/scientific community. Therefore, all claims must be backed with data. In particular, posts that overestimate the severity or prevalence of PSSD beyond a reasonable level without evidence are not allowed. Such claims serve only to discredit PSSD in the eyes of the medical community at large. For example, posts arguing that few SSRI users ever return to normal, or that there are many sufferers who do not know that they have PSSD, are not tolerated. If we are to trust the testimony of ourselves, we must trust the testimonies of others (those on SSRIs currently or previously who are still sexually active and healthy).

10) Falsified Stories or Trial Reports. This is a very serious offense that leaves much more damage than many others on this list. False reports undermine the integrity of the information on this forum. As such, there is a zero-tolerance policy for breaking this rule. Posting false information in the attempt to lure others to try a treatment will result in immediate and permanent banning.

These things won't get you banned, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE still follow them.

11) Use the search bar in the top right corner before you start a new topic. Having 15 threads about the same drug is totally useless. Don't start a topic asking a question that has already been answered or a topic that should be in another thread. Repetitive threads will be merged or deleted. This link can serve as a way to see what treatment threads have been started in the past on the forum:

12) Having an intro is a great way for people to quickly get caught up on your PSSD history. Please put your name in your intro title.

- The management

Moderator/Admin Moderation Guidelines: (Updated May 2018)

Post editing/deletion criteria
- Comments/Threads that violate forum rules
- Spam (deleted immediately)
- Off-topic posts
- In order to protect the flow of discussion, mods/admins cannot delete all of a user's posts except for emergencies.

Less is more
- Redundant threads merged/deleted at moderator/admin discretion
- Goal of forum is to be easy to read with minimal short / aimless threads

Fixing titles
- All thread titles should clearly describe thread topic (topic shouldn't need to be opened to determine purpose)
Ex: my experience with PSSD title should be changed to Ghost Intro - my experience with PSSD
- Avoid drug lumping
Ex: Trazadone and Clomid should be separated into Trazadone or Clomid threads

Correct location
- Threads in the wrong sub-forum should be moved
Ex: Ghost Intro should not be in general. Move to Introductions

- Appropriate new-member posts should be approved
- Signup applications stuck in queue should be analyzed and selected accordingly for deletion or acceptance

- As of April 2019, all non-spam permanent bans must be agreed upon by a majority of PSSD Forum Admins
- Reasons for all bans must be specified in moderator logs


When browsing the PSSD Forum, you are required to remember that most users are not qualified to give any medical advice. Therefore do not consider any information on this site to be medical advice. This site has been made without the help of medical professionals, and is simply a community for PSSD sufferers to build connections and research new treatment options.

On the PSSD Forum, there may be references to work by researchers or medical professionals. These inclusions are not substitutes for medical advice with your doctor, and the professionals mentioned have not endorsed or screened forum content in any way. They are not in any way responsible for what you do with information collected here – Which has been publicly displayed by them elsewhere on the internet.

The PSSD Forum and its moderation team does not endorse the views of its users. We (the administrators and moderators) will enforce PSSD Forum rules to our best ability, and retain the right to remove any content that we deem is in conflict with the above rules. No post on the forum equates to an endorsement from either moderators or the PSSD Forum at large. We encourage user feedback and self-reporting of rule violations to help us enforce these rules, but final decisions will be made by the moderation team. We will not delete messages or ban users based on personal feuds, and do not enforce punishments for the views and actions of users outside of their content on the PSSD Forum.
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