Gain in Libido and some sensation with Adderall

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Gain in Libido and some sensation with Adderall

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My first post on this forum but i've been following for a while. I've had pssd since taking celexa in 2011 at the age of 19, nearly 10 years ago. I have little to no desire sexually, numbed genitals (I can feel them, but no "magic"), PE, and minimal pleasure from orgasm.

I also suffer from bad anxiety and maybe some depression (These have been bad since after discontinuing celexa, worse than they ever were before taking it). Really I think its bad anhedonia, I don't really enjoy anything that much. I took st johns wort for about 3 years (quit a year ago) and that helped to a degree with my anxiety and ability to enjoy things, but sex was still not very pleasurable. Right before quitting, I took 30mg IR adderall and it was amazing, like my brain "waking up". I felt like doing things, talking to people, etc. The biggest difference was a huge surge in libido, watching porn was immensely enjoyable, and I actual felt sexual feelings on my genitals without any of the PE. It was night and day, I probably just watched porn for about 7 hours straight because it was something I hadn't experience like that for maybe 10 years.

Anyway, Like I said I quit st johns wort about a year ago. I began a habit of taking adderall about once a month and binge watching porn at that time. It was always enjoyable and felt great, I felt like "myself" again. It wasn't just porn, listening to music sounded better and colors seemed more vivid. I quit doing this a couple months ago, getting scared of a bad addiction forming.

Because of this, I'm convinced my problems are more dopamine related. I'm scared to take adderall every day. I fear I will build a tolerance and that eventually when I do come off the adderall, my dopamine receptors will be even more downregulated and I'll be worse off. I'm more interested in long term solutions than quick fixes.... but I must say, with it being 10 years with minimal improvement taking daily adderall is awfully tempting.

Has anyone else had success with adderall? Any suggestions for what solutions may help given my improvement with the adderall? I think welbutrin increases dopamine, but that again scares me as i've heard of people getting pssd from welbutrin, and also even if it helps I feel it may down-regulate my dopamine in the long term and leave me worse off.

recently I tried cbd with no improvement. Right now i'm doing strict 0 sugar keto about 4 months in, not much improvement really. Also picked up running. Next up I want to try lithium, then methyl folate/b12, then NAC, then..... i'm not sure. I took TRT last year for just 6 weeks but had minimal improvement, but part of me wants to try that again and give it a little more time. Also considering buspar/prozac combo or the welbutrin mentioned above.
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Re: Gain in Libido and some sensation with Adderall

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Yep - I have good results in improving libido with phentermine, and similarly think dopamine's a key part of the puzzle. I use it infrequently, as I too don't really want to risk any dependence issues. I get similar mood benefits - feel much more alive, productive and able. Very confusing as to whether this is taking me back to some previous baseline, or is just a bit of a high...
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