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Post any data on Treatments and experimentation.
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Re: Success Stories (Official Thread)

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I want you to tell me my story. Im a wife and I'm 30 years old and i have pssd since 7 years.
I have test a lot of things, nothing can help me. I hate touch me. I don't feel like having sex anymore. I have lost a part of me for 7 years.
For a few weeks i read a report of a young man with pssd who takes EDOVIS from APHARMACA and he takes this about 3 months and it helps him. I thougt i test EDOVIS too.
Now i take it since 4 weeks and i think i get my old life back. i have hope for the first time in 7 years.
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Re: Success Stories (Official Thread)

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Calm Amygdala wrote: Fri Apr 23, 2021 11:00 pm I have experienced enormous improvements from the followiong stack (If i stop any of these, I experience relapse/crash). But as long as I take them I experience high libido, genital sensitivity, full orgasm, etc. Still some brain fog/depression/anxiety but its... manageable for the most part

50 mg bromantane
300 mg rhodiola rosea (5% salidrosides) 2x daily
500 mg SJW (.3% hypericin) 2x daily
L Carnitine L tartrate 2-3 grams daily
Phospholipid Complex
50 mg trazodone
For those who may be put off by the trazodone, I'd encourage you to still try the other 5 and see if you get improvements. Hope this might help someone out there
I had improvements from trazadone as well
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