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Re: Wellbutrin

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Have just tried Wellbutrin again for 12 days (150mg).
What a horrible experience. OCD much worse. Anxiety terrible. PSSD even worse. Insomnia. Tinnitus.
Im almost out of trying anymore.
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Re: Wellbutrin

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flexstar13 wrote: Mon Aug 01, 2022 3:37 am After wellbutrin gave me the best window the first time I came off I wanted to try it again. Also this time I had 1 week of improved symtoms which fade away over night. During the med I only got suicidal when I raised the dose.

So what’s the deal with coming off the med. Why is it only doing something positive when I taper? I was thinking of trying maybe 150 or 300 mg every three days. Any thoughts on this?
So I too have had windows only on rebound days when tapering. I truly believe it’s because it “touches” 5ht1a. If you stay on it too long I think it could make things worse but I noticed when tapering to eod in between days I was better. Even after stopping I was better for almost a month then it came back. I think it resensitizes the receptor of sorts. I tried this a couple of times with success but the last time I tried it did nothing. I’m considering trying again with the higher dose.
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Re: Wellbutrin

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hello everyone, I have also tried bupropion in the past. I had some improvement for a few days but still had to take sildenafil to bring it up. the feeling I had with bupropion was very uncomfortable, a constant internal tension which I think is not very good for the libido. anxiety, insomnia, no appetite, hyper constipated, I think even hypertension. Anyway, I quickly stopped this shit. i think the way it works is not really good, i mean it's an inhibitor and not a dopamine agonist.
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