PSSD knowledge


Did you know about PSSD before quitting SSRIs?

Not at all, I discovered PSSD after quitting, while searching for my symptoms
A bit, I knew withdrawal could go wrong but not that much
Yes, I was aware of PSSD before quitting
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PSSD knowledge

Unread post by Thomas »

I find it interesting to assess PSSD knowledge.
Please do not hesitate to post your comments.
Myself : I knew about withdrawal symptoms but thought they last only few weeks (which is usually the case).
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Re: PSSD knowledge

Unread post by Kk88 »

No idea at all. I think it's important people add to this with when they took meds, given the labels (european) can now warn of sexual dysfunction after discontinuation.
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Re: PSSD knowledge

Unread post by JP1985 »

Absolutely no clue. Was on them for a good year or 2 before I realised. Doctor said I had an enlarged prostate so I thought it was that causing the numbness, couldn’t think of anything else. Had no idea a tablet could cause this shit 😡 maybe I’d be less numb if I’d known back then what it was
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Re: PSSD knowledge

Unread post by Kiliantkt »

I only knew about PSSD when I first tapered. Went from 30-45min (during 9 years) duration to literally 1-2min from a day to another. Checked the symptoms and saw PSSD. Increased my dose again to initial, duration was better bur far from what it was before (10min vs 30-45min). Kept the dose 2 years until tapering off during a 40 day juice fast and thought I would only get this symptom remaining and was ready to face it. But didn't expect anhedonia, blunted emotions, and the whole PSSD issues. NEVER.
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Re: PSSD knowledge

Unread post by Leb89 »

I knew about it. But I didn’t get it the first time so I thought I am immune.
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Re: PSSD knowledge

Unread post by frhfu398hhf9hf3hf8 »

I read that "sexual side effects can persist after discontinuation" before knowing that I have it. Don't know if it happened before or after discontinuation, but it was after starting "treatment", unfortunately.
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Re: PSSD knowledge

Unread post by Twentyoneguns »

Taken antidepressants on and off since early 90's and knew nothing (not told by doctor/never read anything bad) about PSSD, until switching from Fluoxetine to Sertraline in 2016....bang! full on PSSD, found out about PSSD from quick internet search. I think I had used my 1990's knowledge without updating it until 2016...Unless you're actually looking for info on PSSD you wont find it...but information has improved over the last few years.
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