Be careful with Mephenoxalone

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Be careful with Mephenoxalone

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Hi everyone,

I am the person who had risperdal and abilify induced genital anesthesia. It has been 19 months since i quit abilify. My genital sensitivity is getting back (although it is more in one half of my body), but one substance that caused me to get depresses and numb again was Mephenoxalone, which is a muscle relaxant and a mild anxiolytic. I have not reacted to any other anxiolytic/muscle relaxant/analgetic substance this way.

Also, i was the one recommending NAC to be able to quit meds. Turns out it is a potential carcinogen. Variables like age, dose and family history of cancer must be reconsidered before taking it.

Thus, after more than two year on it i quit. I am doing ok. I have been hacking my nervous system in a way. Anytime i get anxious, i imagine relocating this energy to parasympathetic nervous system. I focus on it - mostly on my sacrum, genitals, heart, all the erogenous zones... It warms these areas and gives me a sense of pleasure abs eventually makes me relaxed. These days i am considering chi kung. The bottom line is, it helps me tp quit all the supplements and meds i had been taking. Just my two cents and an update.
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