This Herb Increases Ejaculation Potency - Montanoa tomentosa

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This Herb Increases Ejaculation Potency - Montanoa tomentosa

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Found some interesting on this herb:
Increase of the Ejaculatory Potency by the Systemic Administration of Aqueous Crude Extracts of Cihuapatli (Montanoa Genus) Plants in Spinal Male Rats
In the present study, evidence on the aphrodisiac activity of Montanoa frutescens and Montanoa grandiflora and a comparison with the aphrodisiac activity of Montanoa tomentosa is presented. By using the fictive ejaculation model in spinal male rats, electromyographic recordings of the genital motor pattern of ejaculation were obtained in the bulbospongiosus muscles and analyzed after the intravenous injection of aqueous crude extracts of Montanoa tomentosa, Montanoa frutescens, and Montanoa grandiflora. Results showed that the systemic administration of the aqueous crude extracts of Montanoa plants elicits a significant increase in the ejaculatory capacity of spinal male rats with very robust ejaculatory motor patterns that included the expression of tonic penile erections and penile movements and the potent expulsion of urethral contents. In conclusion, Montanoa frutescens and Montanoa grandiflora increase the ejaculatory potency with aphrodisiac activity similar to Montanoa tomentosa.

Ejaculatory dysfunction is considered one of the most prevalent sexual complaints in sexually active men and arises due to disorders in the expression of normal ejaculation.1 Many pharmaceutical agents including antidepressant agents have been used to control ejaculatory response though these compounds produce considerable side effects.2 Recent evidence has shown that medicinal plants with aphrodisiac activity are viable alternatives in the management of ejaculatory disorders.3 Potent natural aphrodisiacs that influence ejaculation include the Mexican plant cihuapatli.4

Cihuapatli is the nahuatl name assigned to a group of Mexican medicinal plants (ie, Montanoa tomentosa, Montanoa frutescens, and Montanoa grandiflora) of the Montanoa genus. These plants have been used for centuries in Mexican traditional medicine as a remedy for reproductive impairments including mood disorders.5–8 Ancient descriptions of the use of Cihuapatli as a traditional remedy are contained in the Badianus Codex or Libellus de Medicinalibus Indorum Herbis9 where botanical determinants, traditional recipes, and prescriptions are provided. Cihuapatli extract was described as a remedy to favor parturition and during the puerperium but the outstanding use was as a contraceptive agent.10–12

Experimental studies with laboratory animals have confirmed that plants included in the Montanoa genus prepared as aqueous crude extracts or its purified fractions have contraceptive effects that are provoked by inhibition of implantation, cervical dilatation, and uterine bleeding7,10–12 without influencing the endocrine status. Aqueous crude extracts of Cihuapatli plants do not modify the hematological, blood lipid, protein, and electrolytic status or the function of the liver, kidney, and thyroid gland.10 A partial mechanism to describe the effects of the Cihuapatli aqueous crude extract on the female reproductive tract suggests an oxytocinergic profile exerted on the peripheral organs8 and at the level of the central nervous system.13,14

Full paper here: ... 7213510006
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