Any suggestions?

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Any suggestions?

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I have been taking paroxetine for 9 years and have never had any sexual problems. In March 2021 after graduation I decided to try quitting, so I went down from 20mg to 10mg. I spent all summer 2021 on 10 mg with some anxiety symptoms, but I managed to enjoy myself. In September the fears for the future became stronger and I increased the paroxetine to 20 mg. Going from 10 to 20 I had a sharp drop in libido and erection. The doctor gave me a prolactin test (25) and returned me to 10 mg. At 10 mg the libido is back to perfect. At this point I decided to continue the scaling and to remove the drug. Lowering the paroxetine the libido and erection increased more and more, but when I got to 5 mg I had an explosion of depression and crying. I went up to 10 mg of Paroxetine and started switching from Paroxetine to Brintellix. The idea was to alleviate the withdrawal symptoms of Paroxetine with Brintellix and then remove the Brintellix. With the Brintellix libido was fine from 7.5 mg to 12.5. At 15 mg I lost an erection, while at 5 mg I had an erection but low libido. In March 2022, I took off the Brintellix and was without medication for a month. Without drugs my libido was low, I had no erections in the morning but I had erections under stimulation and orgasm. In April I returned to Brintellix and the situation is similar. At 10mg I got a great libido back. However, the Brintellix gave me severe insomnia problems and I had to take it off, remaining first for 2 weeks at 5 mg. Since I went down to 5 mg, I have no more morning erections and spontaneous erections since I am drug free. The libido is low, but the erection and orgasm under stimulation are there. I would like to ask you what you advise me to take to improve libido and morning erections without risking doing further damage.
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