does sindelfil help?

Any other sexual dysfunctions not properly addressed by medical science.
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does sindelfil help?

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Hello. I was taking a lot of drugs. However, recently ziprasidone 160 mg and I have a very strong impotence ... I am not able to have sexual intercourse. Did you have that too and did sindelfil help you? I'm not taking ziprasidone anymore ... Regards
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Re: does sindelfil help?

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Depends really. If you have libido often it will work or at least help.

But in the case of an antipsychotic like I was taking (Rexulti (Brexpiprazole), similar to what you took. It does help me with shaft erection which I still have working good but my complaint is flaccid glans which it barely and most often doesn't help.

Good news is you can expect improvement over time. My libido came back 12 weeks after stopping but that is also when just before I developed all the numbness and other neuro symptoms and flaccid glans.

I restarted mine at a micro dose but it over time killed my libido but helped my other symptoms recover some but I am also tapering off the micro dose so I expect libido to improve again which it has a bit since my recent reduction but I don't expect true recovery to start until I completely stop at the end of the year.

I am at 0.125mg but plan to stop after reaching 0.015mg.

If you only have impotence from stopping and not other severe neuro symptoms I would just give it time and see. Try the viagra out and see. I used it in the past with pretty good success when I had depression induced sexual dysfunction which I made it worse with trialing SSRIs.
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