New PFS awareness campaign and research proposal

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New PFS awareness campaign and research proposal

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Dear PSSD community,

some of you may have seen this already on Propeciahelp or through the social media channels of PFS Network, we have launched new content to create awareness for PFS and have also launched a fundraiser for a new study.

The social media content includes a series of podcasts with PFS patients, the mother of a deceased PFS patients, the partner of a PFS patient as well as a researcher. We are working on expanding the podcast series as well as working with some major publications to create more media awareness. You can find the content here: ... 88A/videos

Furthermore, we are happy to announce further research into PFS and are now fundraising for a study at The Institute for Human Genetics at the University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein in Germany. The research will built on research published this year by Baylor College of Medicine, which found that thousands of genes in PFS patients were subject to significant changes of gene expression. The new study will investigate potential changes in the spatial organisation of chromatin that could provide key insights into pathological drivers underlying the altered gene expression in Post-Finasteride Syndrome. We are particularly happy about the background and track record of the scientists who will undertake and support this research, which we think will further elevate the expertise involved in the investigation of PFS.

The supervising lead has recently diagnosed a molecular level androgen insensitivity driven by epigenetics as opposed to code variation ( ... 17/5075150). Another scientist lending his collaborative input has published in Cell reports evidence that overexpression of the AR is able to drive genome-wide chromatin relaxation and gene expression alteration in refractory prostate cancer ( Finally, sequencing and interpretation expertise will be lent by a professor who published the state of the art in structural and quantitative chromosomal rearrangements, their analysis, and role in disease in Nature reviews ( Donation for this fantastic opportunity can be made here:

For more information on these activities, please see here: ... aign/50895

Now, some may ask, what has all this PFS stuff to do with PSSD? The staff of PFS Network strongly suspects that various substances that share anti-androgenic properties cause similar if not the same symptoms in a subset of patients. Plainly, we suspect that PSSD, PFS, PAS (Post-Accutane Syndrome) and persistent side effects from supplements like Saw Palmetto are all in fact the same problem. The thoughts behind this have been explained in much more detail here: ... c-effects/

Bottom line, if PFS and PSSD are indeed the same thing, then the PSSD community will ultimately profit from PFS research and vice versa.

If you want to support our quest, please watch, like and comment on our videos, subscribe to our channels and donate to our research proposal.

Thank you!
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Re: New PFS awareness campaign and research proposal

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Ten years too fucking late. also, isnt naming your scientists a bit like Iran saying who they have working on nuclear energy? Souldnt you be a tad more discreet? You already lost about a decade waiting on Khera Merck boy to publish the gene thing from Baylor. Fuck me that was when fucking Obama was barely halfway through his second term.
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