I dont know whats going on with me. I need help.

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I dont know whats going on with me. I need help.

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A few weeks ago my depression came back full force. I couldn’t bear it. My doctor prescribed me lexapro 5mg. I took the first pill 2 weeks ago. Woke up the next day completely anhedonic and no libido or sex drive at all some vaginal numbness. I started researching and found out what pssd was. I could not believe it. It sent me into a spiral. I didnt take another pill. For the past 2 weeks I have been 24/7 PANICKING. Vomiting from my anxiety. Can’t sleep. Constantly checking these forums. I need help. Now I can feel sensation and have orgasms but not like before. My emotions have been high but not happy ones. I’ve been crying all day everyday. I am stuck in a panic. I can’t tell if this is all my depression and my anxiety since I convinced myself I have PSSD but my heart has been pounding non stop. Like I said I can’t eat. I can’t live like this. I wake up and check forums. I check them before I go to sleep. I can’t get out of this mindset. I got bloodwork and my vitamin D was very low at 18. I spoke with a holistic doctor who told me to take Vitamin C, D, a probiotic, and magnesium Glycinate. I am too scared to even try the glycinate because I heard it makes people with PSSD worse. Even though I dont know if I even have that. Everyone is saying it is unlikely but I need help. I can’t keep living like this. Can someone give me advice? I’m stuck…..
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Re: I dont know whats going on with me. I need help.

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Pssd can only be concluded after you have quit the medication for a while. Having side effects on this medication is quite common. My advice is to discuss options with your doctor and not focus on the stories of this forum, the likelihood of pssd is still small.
best of luck!
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