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gender skew - Sonny OP

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Sonny on Wed Oct 10, 2012 8:10 am
Member gender seems to be quite skewed towards males here. This should be something that affects people regardless of gender, although men are more likely to seek help for this due to our cultural view of men, and their preconceived gender roles.

Many people do post their story here publicly, and ask for advice in the same way. However there are some that simply message me in private for assistance. It could be that females may be less comfortable discussing sexuality in a public forum, due to their preconceived gender roles in our culture. So if you would feel more comfortable discussing this privately, feel free to do so. It will be kept strictly confidential. I do not judge, feel free to talk about anything. I do also have in depth knowledge of female anatomy and bodily function. Plus I'm married, so I do have some firsthand experience.

I just want to make sure women are as comfortable getting help here as possible.
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Re: gender skew - Sonny OP

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That seemed to work too. Over time I ended with a more typical ratio as internet forums go.
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